Ms. Sakila runs a tea stall and tiffin shop on her own. She has faced various difficulties in her life. 18 years ago, her husband left her with 3 daughters. Though she was betrayed by her husband, she never gave-up her self-confidence and struggled a lot in her life to create livelihood for herself and her daughters. She even worked as a housemaid and worked in a hotel to feed her children. Little help from her cousin brother and his family also helped her to stabilize in life. She started to make slow progress in life but high interest of loans she got always troubled her. Through her daughter Jinath Banu, she got business loan of INR 50,000 from Sornammal Educational Trust (SET). This helped her come out of the high interest stress. Out of her 3 daughters, eldest got married, second daughter has done M.Sc-Zoology and the youngest is studying B.A Sociology. With a good support from Trust and her daughters, Sakila is a happy women today. Her next goal is to start another tea stall and a hotel.